Vollers Corsets

Vollers brand is embedded with heritage from British corsetry traditions. It is one the most established and oldest corset makers in existence today; it was introduced in 1988 by Harry & Nelly Voller and has continued to expand and grow in popularity. The impressive craftsmanship, quality and detail that goes into each handmade corset is admirable. Vollers bring you a fabulous collection of waspies, underbust corset and overbust corsets. Vollers uses flattering structural boning in the corset panels to bring attractive, desirable shaping. There is a corset style to suit any occasion, from classic black and white shades, to shiny purple, red lace, tartan, vivid florals and Chinese print fuchsia amongst others. Vollers elegant white corsets would make beautiful options for your wedding day ensemble. Wear underneath your dress for a slimming effect, or put your overbust corset with a skirt to display your beautiful Vollers corset as you walk down the aisle. Corsetry has particular association with the Victorian era, which gives it its glamorous vintage quality. In the bygone era, it was highly fashionable for women to pull in their stomachs to make a tiny waistline and uplift the bust for a boosted cleavage. Of course we now understand the dangers attached to this unnatural shaping, and Vollers corsets create a slimmed, vintage style much more safely. Take a look at our Corsets page as well to find an even greater range of corsets to suit you. They are custom made to order, which means they may take longer to arrive to you.

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