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Kaftans are ideal for that extra layer of coverage at the beach or pool. Not only do they look fantastic, they also have a number of important functions. They protect the skin from the suns hot rays when going for your beach strolls, or lounging at the poolside. The sun can be permanently damaging to the skin, and kaftans are an important layer of protection. They also cover up the body for modesty. They give you that level of discreet coverage whilst also looking fabulous. You can take a stroll to the shop or out for some lunch near your beach destination wearing your beautiful kaftan over your swimwear. Here at Mio Destino we have a number of Kaftans available to choose from, from various brands. Each kaftan will have coordinating swimwear in that particular style line, so be sure to take a look at the various options to create your complete look. Whether you are looking for supreme opulent glamour or affordable fashion, Mio Destino has the answer. Take a look at Marie Meili Swimwear for budget price, sexy black and animal print kaftans with flattering shaping and gorgeous detailing. Or, if you are looking for something luxuriously glamorous, be sure to take a look at Lise Charmel. This beautiful iconic French brand offers ultimately gorgeous kaftans. Make your summer look opulent, with vivid, eye catching Lise Charmel beachwear in beautiful fabrics with exquisite detailing. Make sure you have your gorgeous new kaftan packed away ready for your next summer getaway.