Seamed Tights

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Seamed tights feature a retro style thin line positioned vertically the back of each leg. You can find a number of options to choose from here at Mio Destino to find your favourite seamed tights. What Katie Did is a leading brand in vintage lingerie, dedicated to bringing the vintage fashion style back onto our wardrobes today. They have created gorgeous seamed tights in a range of styles. Take a look at black tights with defined black seam, or nude coloured seamed tights with contrasting red or black coloured seam at the back. Also do not miss the sexy polka dot tights with beautiful contrast seam. They would look particularly stunning with a vintage style outfit, to finish the look with classic elegance. The seamed tights would also make a striking look with coordinating vintage lingerie. Take a look at the whole What Katie Did range to find various lingerie options and create your fabulous retro vibe today.  The first knitting machine of 1589, invented by William Lee made the first retro seamed stockings from a line of woolen knit sewn together into a tubular shape. Before our technological advances in clothing manufacture, tights were crafted from a piece of fabric sewn together to create the circular tights shape. This left a visible seam at the back from the stitching. Nowadays we love to add that classic seam back into our tights, despite being very capable of crafting seamless tights. The look is still adored, and we place a mock seam at the back of our tights to re-create that retro look.