Luxury Tights

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Luxury tights are ideal for offsetting your evening wear look with a glamorous touch. Here at Mio Destino we offer you a choice tights from various brands to suit your taste and budget. Luxury tights can add a touch of glamour and interest to your outfit. Printed tights with beautiful designs look stunning with a plan skirt or dress. If you love the vintage look, see brand What Katie Did to find fabulous luxury tights with retro seams at the back. These imitate the seams from bygone times, before our technological advances in elastic and design. The first knitting machine was invented in 1589 by a man named William Lee. It was upon this machine that the first retro seam appeared hosiery, as he knit one strip of woolen fabric and twisted it into a tubular shape, sewn up at the back to make the leg shape. This was the standard method of creating the hosiery shape, and of course the seam was still visible and became part of the vintage look. Nowadays we still adore the look, and What Katie Did seamed luxury tights allow us to crate that fabulous look with our skirts and dresses today. Mio Destino has an extensive range of hosiery options for you to choose from, so be sure to take a look at the complete collection to find your favourite, and offset your look with elegance and sophistication at your next fancy evening party or event, or just for everyday style and fashion.