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Satin Robes

Satin robes are beautifully soft to make you feel luxurious and elegant. Our satin robes prove that lounge time can be sexy and sophisticated, and make a great choice either for a sexy night in or on your next break away. The satin material is beautifully smooth against the skin to make you feel like a satiny goddess. Here at Mio Destino we have a variety of satin robes for you to choose from. You will find an array of soft or vivid shades in different fabrics, some with sumptuous lace detailing. Typically at Mio Destino you will also be able to find a nightdress to coordinate with your satin robe, so you can make a complete boudoir ensemble. Do not miss beautiful brand Irall, which offers sexy and soft satin robes with coordinating night dresses. You will love the feminine designs and soft beautiful shades that characterise this brand as ultimately luxurious. We adore our beautiful brand Mio Lounge, offering pink and gold satin robes. These bright shades make your look ultimately gorgeous, and the satin material makes the colour shiny and bright for an opulent and eye catching look. You will simply adore the feel of our beautiful satin robes. They also make a great gift idea, so why not treat your loved ones to luxury, and choose her favourite from our beautiful collection. They also make lovely gift ideas for your loved one, so take a look at the whole range to see which she would love.