What Size is She?

Where to begin?

When it comes to buying lingerie, size certainly does matter, so it's a good place to begin! Where to start? Generally we have found our customers fall into three groups, those who know their lady's size, those who only know her bra size, and those who have no idea.

Depending on your knowledge we have a helpful guide to buying lingerie, based on what information you do know, or are willing to find out!

There are three stages of her 'size awareness':

1. I have no idea!

If this is you, don't worry! Whether you are rushed for time, starting a new relationship or unable to get a sneaky peak at her labels, you can still buy her that special gift. You will just need to take a guess as to whether she is a small, medium, or large and go from there. Nearly 50-60% of our items are sized extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large, and range from elegant camisole sets and sexy baby dolls to luxurious pyjamas so there is still plenty of choice! Just use your judgement on which size she best fits into!

To see the product selection in each category, click for her size: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge.

Be aware that sizes can vary per country so it is important to check against the sizing chart if you are not sure of the UK conversion.

XS 8 4-6 36 40 8 7
S 10 6-8 38 42 10 9
M 12 8-10 40 44 12 11
L 14 10-12 42 46 14 13
XL 16 12-14 44 48 16 15
XXL 18 14-16 46 50 18

But what if I want to get her something more special?

Great, extra points for you! She will appreciate it if you take the time to get her exact size, so why not take a look at the size she already wears, rather than guessing? Or alternatively, you can ask those close to her like family or friends. You will want to buy her something that she can actually wear so it will be important to get this right!

2. I have found her bra size!

Excellent! You will notice that it is made up of two components, a number (e.g. 34) which will be her band size (this is the ‘underbust' measurement, around the back and underneath the breasts) and a letter/letters (e.g. B or DD) which will be her cup size. Once you have located these you are well on your way! Visit Mio's bra selection or search by her exact size.

Again, sizes can vary according to country so it is important to check against the sizing chart if you are not sure of the UK conversion;

30 30 80 0 8
32 32 85 1 10
34 34 90 2 12
36 36 95 3 14
38 38 100 4 16


B B B B or none B


3. I know her bra size and dress size!

Great, you are on a roll! Take a look at the size guide below to see what size briefs she will require and refer back to the chart above for her bra size:

XS 8 4-6 36 40 8
S 10 6-8 38 42 10
M 12 8-10 40 44 12
L 14 10-12 42 46 14
XL 16 12-14 44 48 16
XXL 18 14-16 46 50 18

Where do I go from here?

Now that you have her size sorted the next thing to do is to tackle the minefield of all the different styles of women's lingerie. There are loads to choose from!

All women are different, so you will need to spend some time studying her. Alternatively, take a look in her wardrobes for inspiration, look at her personal style, is she feminine and elegant or bold and daring? Does she tend to wear loose fitting clothes or are they close fitting or even skin tight? Use the information you learn to judge the best shape and style of lingerie or loungewear for her. For more detailed insights to what lingerie she might prefer but may not disclose read, Secrets She Hasn't Told You.

To understand the different styles available such as balcony bras, plunge and half cup bras, as well as different styles of knickers check out Mio Destino's Lingerie Demystified section for a brief explanation on each.

Now get out there and buy that woman of yours something special!