Waist Cinchers

Waist Cinchers are designed to pull in your tummy and waist to make a gorgeous silhouette. Here at Mio Destino, we know the importance of feeling confident in your body, and offer some great choices to slim your waistline, either for everyday shaping or to make a great shape when wearing your elegant evening gowns. Take a look at brand Naomi and Nicole or Miraclesuit to find a fabulous waist cinchers crafted form clever fabric to comfortable pull in your waistline. These fabrics also make a great base for your clothing to fall over, as they will avoid any bunching up as well as smooth out unwanted lumps and bumps. Waist Cinchers have particular association with a vintage style, as they are reminiscent of the corsetry produced in the Victorian era which was designed to pull in the waistline to a tint shape, which was a highly fashionable statement. Nowadays of course we realise that this is not heathy for our bodies, and we do not wear our waist cinchers so tightly. However we still adore the look and design of these vintage cinchers, and here at Mio Destino we offers some vintage style choices. Take a look at fabulous brand What Katie Did to find satin soft corset in traditional design, available in classic black or peach colour. They give you a great shape under clothing and also make a mesmerizing lingerie look, especially when paired with other vintage items offers by What Katie Did, such as retro stockings.