Vintage Basques

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Vintage basques are gorgeous garments to slim the silhouette as well as create flattering shaping to the silhouette. Basques fit tightly around the torso and cover the bust. They reach down to the hips in length and may also feature shoulder straps. Basques are associated with a vintage style due to their popularity in the Victorian era. In those days, the term referred to a bodice or jacket, which could also include sleeves. It would be worn with a skirt to make a complete ensemble. They were popular as they were so tight fitted, and ladies wore them to pull in the waistline into a tiny shape, which was considered very fashionable in these bygone days. With modern day knowledge, we now understand that this was not healthy at all, and a very unnatural shape for the body to be in, and we wear our basques much more safely. The style is still adored and vintage brands have bought this fabulous garment back into production. Here at Mio Destino, we offer leading brand What Katie Did, for some gorgeous choices of vintage basques. Adore the sumptuous lace on What Katie Did Gwendoline Merry Widow Basque, and the sumptuous soft satin touch of the What Katie Did Glamour Shape Wear Merry Widow Basque, available in peach or black shades. Take a look at the whole What Katie Did range to find coordinating accessories to make a knock our retro lingerie look. You will find beautiful lingerie options and accessories to customise your new ensemble to your liking.