Tummy Control

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Tummy control garments are ideal to pull in your waistline and give you the confidence you need to wear that tight fitted evening dress, trousers or skirt. Here at Mio Destino we know the importance of looking your best your next fancy evening party, or of feeling confident in your body with your everyday wear. We also know that tummys are central to a lot of anxieties and body issues for ladies. But fear not, because here at Mio Destino we have the solution. We offer a range of leading shapewear brands from Miraclesuit, Spanx, Naomi and Nicole and Body Wrap. We have a number of tummy control garments to keep your waistline well pulled in and secure. We have a variety of fabulous different styles that target your tummy area. Try a high waist brief, with derriere control as well as tummy control. Take a look at our waist cinchers which fit around the torso to pull in the waistline. Take a look at the whole range to find many tummy control options. They also create a lovely base for your elegant garments to fall upon. The clever fabric will help to prevent your clothing from riding up, but instead will allow it to fall elegantly over the tummy control shapewear. They will smooth out any lumps or bumps that show under those particularly smooth fabrics such as silks and satins. Be sure to take a look at the rest of our shapewear range with more slimming solutions from Mio Destino and find your new shapewear best friend.