Slips fit over the torso and derriere to help you create that desirable hourglass silhouette. Slips are clever items of shapewear as they are skirt shaped themselves, and therefore create the perfect base shape for dresses and skirts to fit over. The material is smooth, to create a sleek look under clothing, ensuring that the material drapes over the slip with ease, and will not bunch up or stick to the shapewear. You will find a number of different styles of slip from Mio Destino, to find the option that is most comfortable and desirable for you. They all fit over the torso and derriere, but with a few variations in shape. Some fit over the shoulders, leaving a scooped cut out at the front to fit under the bust. You may find this helps to keep the slip in place and creates a more comfortable option to wear. However there is also the choice of a strapless slip, which can be full length to fit over the bust, or half-length to fit just underneath it. These are ideal if you are wearing a sleeveless dress, as they leave the shoulders and neckline totally bare. See our fabulous shapewear brands, including Naomi and Nicole, Miraclesuit and Spanx to find slips in different styles. We even offer vintage style slips, from the leading retro brand What Katie Did. Create your own sexy vintage style look with their sassy torsolettes in ivory or black. There are also coordinating vintage accessories to make a complete set.