Girdles hold up your stockings whilst creating great shaping to your silhouette. They fit on the torso, but can also extend up to the bust or below the hip. They help to create a smooth line under any pencil dress or skirt, to give you the confidence and support you need for those evening events, parties or proms. Complete with some suspenders you can even make his day when you get home. Girdles have particular association with a vintage style, as they were a popular choice of garment in the 1900s. Between the 20s and 60s, they were a key piece of lingerie for every woman. They pulled in the waistline and created a rigid silhouette that, in those days, was fashionable as well as respectable. Nowadays we know that pulling the figure in so tightly is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous, and our modern day girdles are worn much more safely. Mio Destino stocks the popular and gorgeous retro brand What Katie Did range. They specialise in the vintage look, and bring you fabulous girdles to choose from. Some sit on the hips and extend over the derriere. They also stock underbust girdles, which extend up to the breasts, fitting just underneath the bust to bring added control to the torso area. What Katie Did also offers you vintage style accessories to coordinate with your girdle. Also be sure to take a look at our stockings page to match your girdle with a nice pair of luxury hosiery.