Firm Control Shapewear

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Firm control shapewear gives you that extra level of control and confidence when you need it most. It provides a firm compressed feeling, and pulls in the female form to create a slimmed silhouette that is especially handy for fitting into your favourite evening dress for parties, proms or special events, when looking your best is pivotal. The innovative material not only keeps your curves firmly in place and hides any lumps and bumps, but also creates a smooth base for your clothing to fit over; it will not stick to the fabric of your clothing, but instead allow it to drape over the top for a flawless look. It is also typically crafted without seams, so the edges of the suit can be concealed and it will be discreet and smooth under your clothing. Mio Destino has a number of firm control shapewear for you to choose from, in classic black and nude shades. Take a look at leading brand Body Suit that stocks firm control shapewear for the fuller figure up to size 3XL. You can choose from a number of different styles, which target different areas of the body, depending upon your preference. The straps fit over the shoulders to hold the suit comfortably in place. Choose the shapewear which extends down the legs for added thigh support. Each also has a cut out front which fits just under the bust; this ensures the bust is not minimised and constricted, and you can pair the shapewear with your chosen bra.