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  1. Miraclesuit Shapewear
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  1. Miraclesuit Shapewear
  2. Naomi and Nicole
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Corselettes and Basques

Corsolettes and basques shapewear wrap around the torso to help you to create the hourglass figure desired by every woman. Shaping corsolettes and basques will enhance your body in all the right places and smooth out any of those unwanted lines. Here at Mio Destino, we understand the importance of feeling confident and feminine, and offer a range of corsolettes and basques to choose from. Find what you are looking for from quality brands Body Wrap and Miraclesuit. They offer a number of innovative shapewear with varying clever features to help them be as effective and comfortable as possible. The corsolettes cover the lower torso area, and some have legs to provide extra thigh control. These are in classic black and nude shades. For gorgeous patterned shapewear, see Naomi and Nicole’s collection, to find elegant floral lace side panels for a gorgeous look as well as desirable slimming.  Basques deliver that vintage retro look, as they were a popular choice in the Victorian era. In those bygone days, the term referred to a tight bodice or jacket, which would pull in the waistline to create a fashionable look. It could have the additional feature of sleeves, and be worn with a skirt. The vintage look is celebrated with the modern day basque; Mio Destino loves the vintage style, and offers leading brand What Katie Did collection, so you can find gorgeous corsolettes and basques in a retro style. They cover the bust with shaped cups and not only create a gorgeous vintage look but also shape the silhouette with structural panelling.