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Tops and Camis

Tops and Camis in shapewear fabric make a great choice for slimming the tummy and waistline. Tops and camis pull on over your head and fit your torso. They typically feature shoulder straps or sleeves. They provide you with security and confidence when you need it most, whether this be at a fancy evening party, or just for everyday wear to give you great shape under your clothing. Shapewear is designed to be discreet. It will make a beautiful base for your clothing to fall upon, ironing out any unwanted lumps or bumps that can easily show, especially under lightweight flowing fabrics such as satin or lace. The material of shapewear is not only smooth for this reason; it also helps to avoid clothing riding up or sticking to the clothing. Instead, your top or cami will be tight fitted to your body whilst your clothing drapes elegantly and effortlessly over the top. We have a number of fabulous shapewear brand options here at Mio Destino. Take a look at the Body Wrap shapewear tops and camisoles. They are crafted from clever fabric with spandex, which soothes the tummy and waist to give you confidence and desirable shape. They are, like many shapewear garments, available in classic shades nude and black. Body Wrap also have a selection of Plus Size camis, which reach up to size 3XL/XXXL. Take a look at the whole range to find the style to suit you. Also be sure to take a look at our other shapewear options which target different areas of the body.