Mio Retro

Mio Retro embraces the bygone days and fuses vintage retro style with modern designs. The range includes corselettes, girdles, suspender belts and briefs. Mio Retro is a particularly exciting range of lingerie as it is exclusive to Mio Destino. It is designed by us to bring you the styles we love. Mio Retro’s lingerie is black in colour, with red or violet satin underlay panels and polka dot sheer mesh overlays. Vintage style lingerie takes much of its inspiration from the Victorian era. Women would wear these structural undergarments to create very tiny waistlines that was considered highly fashionable. Nowadays of course we know that this is not good for our health, and we wear our vintage inspired lingerie much more safely. Today, we still adore the high fashion look from the bygone eras, and have kept the style of lingerie worn back then, to inject our wardrobes with gorgeous classic fashions that lend us that chic and sexy look. If you are looking to create that desirable silhouette, then do it in style with the high waist girdle or the corselette from Mio Retro. Both of these gorgeous garments feature a control panel to provide you with semi-firm shaping and support around the tummy area. Take a look at the whole range, and make sure you do not miss What Katie Did brand for more vintage lingerie options from Mio Destino. Also see our other Mio brands here at Mio Destino, for more exclusive lingerie options to find your favourite unique Mio look.

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