Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel is an iconic and luxurious brand, creating stunning French lingerie. The company began as a small business originating in La Croix- Rousse, Lyons, in the 1950s. Then in 1975 it was bought by its current president Jacques Daumal and has continued to grow into the largest luxury lingerie company in France, creating designer lingerie for the refined taste. The Lise Charmel woman is decadent and glamorous, with an eye for opulent quality and exquisite designs. Discover a variety of lingerie options, including bras, briefs, corsets, chemises, robes and suspender belts; make matching sets to create a complete lingerie look. Even find ultimately angelic necklaces, earrings in embroidered guipure deigns, and glamorous eye masks to offset your look with an opulent finish. The Lise Charmel lingerie is made from the highest supreme quality with deluxe materials; silks and soft tulle fabrics are absolutely stunning. You will discover extravagant and embroidered lingerie with opulent guipure detailing and beautiful gem pendants that add a glamorous finish to the exquisite collections. Lise Charmel also creates a simply stunning swimwear range to bring you a deluxe and glamorous beach look, in wonderful tropical colours and elegant designs. There is a vast selection of elegant styles to choose from, often in vivid bright colours and fantastic decorative hues that make you look and feel sophisticated, flirty and feminine. The designs are so creative with ornate florals and lavish artistic prints that are decadent and eye catching and unique to the beautiful Lise Charmel brand.

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