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Vintage Lingerie

Vintage lingerie celebrates a retro style, and is reminiscent of the bygone eras which saw some fabulous fashions that we adore and still recreate today. We especially love the Victorian style, and the fashions that were born in this era have inspired us to create modern day versions to wear. In the Victorian times, pulling the waistline into a tiny shape with the aid of a corset and creating an uplifted bust with push up garments was highly fashionable. We now understand that there are risks attached to creating such unnatural shape, and so our modern day Victorian style lingerie is worn in a much safer way. Mio Destino bring you divine vintage lingerie, with a choice of garments and colours to choose from. Do not miss the glamorous brand What Katie Did; they are the world’s leading brand in vintage lingerie, and helped to bring the lavish look back into our wardrobes today. They offer some fabulous lingerie options and accessories, from corsets, to stockings, to suspender belts, helping you create a complete vintage ensemble. They were also the first brand to re-introduce the bullet bra in 1999, which has grown in popularity, to rediscover the glamorous pin up girl fashion, popularised by the likes of Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and Patti Page. Here at Mio Destino, we are also excited about our own brand of vintage lingerie. See our Mio Retro collection, offering beautiful, quality vintage style lingerie garments that are exclusive to us and will not be found anywhere else.