Suspender Belts

Suspender belts fit around the waistline and generally feature four adjustable suspender belt straps that drape over the briefs and have fastenings at the end to attach to stockings or suspenders to help keep them in place. Generally the belt attaches at the back with hook and eye fastenings. Depending on style, the belts can sit high on the waistline, or fit on the hips. However they always fit over the briefs. They are gorgeous items to wear, both for practical use and to make a sophisticated and classy addition to your lingerie ensemble. We are excited about our own brand, Mio Classic, which features a range of colours and styles of sassy suspender belts that are exclusive to us and will not be found anywhere else. If you are feeling luxurious, the French brand Lise Charmel offers some exquisitely embroidered and lace suspender belts that are supremely deluxe with opulent detailing. They must be seen to appreciate their beauty and creativity. Suspender belts can make a glamorous addition to a vintage style look. Take a look at the leading vintage style brand What Katie Did, to see how the belt completes the lingerie ensemble. You will also be able to find coordinating items to help create your complete set. The concept of suspender belts was popular in Edwardian times, to provide a solution for keeping hosiery in place. In this era, suspender straps were sewn to the bottom of corsets. However, with the introduction of evolved elastic in the 1920s, suspender belts became their own, separate garment, and are still popular today.