Men Camisoles

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Mens camisoles are sleeveless tops that extend down to the waist. They are made from gorgeously soft fabrics for comfort, such as stretch cotton. Mens camisoles are very versatile garments, offering lots of different uses. They can simply be worn as a daily top, especially in hot weather. They provide coverage to the torso and shoulders, and the sleeveless design is cool and breathable and will help to regulate the body temperature. They can also be worn as an undergarment, such as under a shirt or a top, to provide an extra layer of warmth in the colder weather or to create a more opaque look under, for example, a white shirt. Mens camisoles are also a popular option for loungewear or sleepwear as they are so soft, breathable and comfortable. The softness will also reduce the chance of any chafing in the night from harsh materials or from buttons or other such fixtures. Men also find camisoles a useful solution for exercise wear, such as running or a gym workout. The open sleeves will help the man stay cool and ensure that the amount of sweat gather-up around the underarms will be minimal in comparison to a sleeved top, which would cause more uncomfortable heating and soak up sweat into the sleeves. Again, as the mens camisoles are so soft, they will not chafe with repetitive exercise. Mio Destino stocks a variety of mens camisoles to choose from, in different colours so you can find the item to best suit your purpose.