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Mastectomy Lingerie

Mastectomy Lingerie is an important revolution, to ensure women who have suffered breast removal have attractive lingerie options to wear, to look and feel sexy. This lingerie features pockets in the cups to insert the prosthesis (not included). A more symmetrical shaping can then be created for the bust to give women security and confidence. The lingerie can be used post removal surgery when waiting for breast reconstruction, or could also be used as a permanent solution for those women who do choose this option. Mastectomy lingerie is especially soft so as not to damage the soft breast tissue which may be very tender if the item is being worn soon after surgery. Here at Mio Destino we offer the fabulous brand Di Murini, which offers sumptuous colour options in luxurious satin. You will find babydolls and camisoles for a femininely gorgeous look. Mastectomy lingerie of these kinds are a relatively new invention. The first mastectomy bra was used in the 1900s, purely as a medical device and was not attractive or flattering. It failed to bring shaping to the body in the same way the mastectomy lingerie and prosthesis can do today. The lingerie has now evolved, encouraged by the survivors of breast cancer, who wanted to still be able to buy pretty lingerie. They are now made from better fabrics, to not only improve their comfort and effectiveness, but also to provide women with the feminine confidence they deserve. They are stylish as well as functional, and are a very pivotal and important invention to the lingerie industry.