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Camisoles are elegant waist length sleeveless tops. They are very versatile garments that come in variety of styles for different purposes. Some camisoles are designed especially for loungewear and sleep. These are made for ultimate comfort, from soft fabrics such as cotton, silk or satin and are also lovely and cool to wear to bed. See Mio Destino’s Charnos camisoles available in classic colours for a sophisticated loungewear look. We also have our own Mio Destino camisoles, from our special Mio Lounge range, uniquely exclusive to Mio Destino. Camisoles can also be worn under daily clothing, to provide a soft extra layer of warmth or coverage, or even to add an attractive neckline under particularly low cut garments. The soft fabric of the camisoles will create a lovely smooth finish under your clothing, for a gorgeous soft touch and will make sure your tops and shirts do not stick to them. Camisoles can also be specially designed for slimming. Mio Destino stocks camisoles to bring you that desirable silhouette you are looking for when wearing elegant evening gowns or tops. These shaping camisoles are tight fitted to slim your form and give you confidence and security. You can find your shaping solution at Mio Destino with the Body Wrap collection; black and nude colours are available up to XXXL/size 22. There is also a certain type of camisole associated with eroticism, and used as sexy bedroom attire. These are much more revealing, even featuring peekaboos, open body sections and sheer mesh. See Mio Destino’s Irall and Gracya brands to find boudoir camisoles.