How To Put On A Corset

Are you about to buy an underbust or overbust corset for the first time? Or maybe you already have a corset but aren't quite sure if you are putting it on correctly? Then we are here to help you.

Putting on a fine corset can be a tricky business therefore we have created, an easy to use, step-by-step corset training guide with illustrations to help you through the process.

Step 1


Thread the lacing through the corset eyelets in a criss-cross fashion from the top downwards, ensuring the length of the lacing remains the same on either side.

Step 2


Half-way down pull through all the lacing on each side leaving enough to continue to criss-cross the lacing down to the bottom (approx 12”-15”).

Step 3


Finish lacing the corset and at the bottom tie a knot in the lacing on the inside of the corset.  Ease any excess lacing up to the centre to the loop you created earlier.

Step 4


Before putting on the corset loosen the laces as much as possible. Wrap the corset round you with the laces at the back and the front closures undone.

Step 5


Fasten your corset from the top by starting with the top closure and work your way down until it is fully fastened.

Step 6


Ideally find someone to help lace you into the corset. Get your assistant to pull loosely on the laces so the corset is loose but still held in place.

Step 7


Reposition your breasts to optimise your cleavage either by reaching above your head or manually manipulating them yourself until they are positioned to your liking.

Step 8


Get your assistant to pull the lacing tight before tying them in a bow in the centre.

Step 9


The sides of the corset should lie together at the centre and with a 2” gap at the top and bottom.

Step 10


Now you are all set to stun everyone with that gorgeous new hourglass figure the corset has created.

Now that you know how to put your corset on correctly we hope you enjoy wearing it!

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Tips For Breaking In Your Corset

Breaking in your corset is always a good idea before wearing it out and about. It will help you work into the waist reduction you are aiming for. Breaking it in will help mould thecorset to your body shape, making it more comfortable to wear, and if you are not used to wearing a corset it will also help your body get used to the constrictions involved.

  • The first time you try your corset on you should be loosely laced into it. Wear it for around half an hour before taking it off and allowing the fabric to cool for an hour.
  • The heat from your body will start to bend and mould the fabric.
  • Next try the corset on again, this time lacing it a little tighter. Again wear it for half an hour before letting it cool off.
  • You should do this several times, each time lacing a little tighter until you reach your desired reduced waist size.

Caring For Your Corset

Corsets can be expensive therefore it is important to look after you corset with care. The best way to do so is to hand wash them in luke warm water only or, for best results, send them to be dry cleaned.