Vintage Corsets

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Vintage corsets bring a slimming shape to the torso and create a stunning Victorian inspired look. They hold particular associations with the Victorian era as women of this time used to wear corsets to make their waistline tiny and accentuate their bust, which was a high fashion statement in those days. However, nowadays we understand the health risks attached to doing this, and so we wear our vintage corsets much more safely. Corsets are still a fashionable item to wear today, but we label them as having a ‘vintage’ style, as homage to their Victorian roots.  They have kept their traditional Victorian characteristics, such as structural boning, which creates a rigid structure to the woman’s silhouette for desirable shaping. They feature metal fastenings, most typically at the front of the garment for ease of access. They also have corset style lacing to create a more custom fit and a beautiful vintage design feature. We adore these fabulous garments here at Mio Destino, and offer you the vintage retro brand What Katie Did to find your favourite corset, with a variety of materials, shades and designs to choose from. They come in underbust or overbust styles, and offer coordinating accessories to match, helping you create a complete set. They create knock out eveningwear with corset skirts or trousers, or could also be worn underneath your clothing to achieve that flattening shaping if preferred. Most of our vintage corsets are made to order, and so will take a little longer in reaching you.