Velvet Corsets

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Velvet corsets are designed to elegantly shape the waistline. They are made from wonderfully soft velvet to provide a smooth and desirable finish. Typically, they feature structural boning concealed within the fabric to provide further rigid shaping to the silhouette. They can come in an overbust or underbust style, and so may or may not have cups to accommodate the bust. If the corset does not cover the breasts, you may wish to coordinate it with a matching bra. Our Velvet corsets feature metal fastenings, which are generally found on the front of the garment. Some also feature glamorous corset style lacing at the back for an adjustable fit. The corset is reminiscent of the vintage era; at this time it was highly fashionable for women to have tiny waistlines, pulled in tight by the corset. Nowadays, we have gained an understanding of the risks attached to this, and wear them more safely. Mio Destino stocks velvet corsets from fabulous vintage brand What Katie Did. Love the sexy retro style of their underbust and overbust velvet corsets with a gorgeous range of colours to choose from. To help you create a complete look, we also offer coordinating What Katie Did accessories. Also see our gorgeous collection of Vollers classic velvet corsets; they feature creative designs for versatile looks, such as the sleeved or the halterneck corset. Most of our velvet corsets are custom made to order, and so they will take a while a little while longer to arrive to you.