Silk Corsets

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Silk corsets wrap around the torso to create a desirably slim silhouette. Structural boning is concealed within the corset to create a more rigid shape. They are beautiful items for formal wear, contributing towards a stunning outfit for the evenings, prom or a party. Silk corsets have a particular attachment with vintage style. They are associated with the Victorian era, where they were a popular choice amongst women to create a very small waist shape and a push up cleavage, which was a high fashion statement in those day. Nowadays we see the health side effects to this unnatural shaping, and wear our silk corsets more safely. They can have an underbust or an overbust style. If they do not cover the breasts, you may wish to add a coordinating bra to make a complete set. Here at Mio Destino, we sell both styles of corset from the fabulous brand What Katie Did. They celebrate the bygone Victorian era, bringing a retro vintage style back into our wardrobe. Their silk corsets come in different shades and deigns to bring you a classy and sexy Victorian style look. There are also number of accessories you can buy from What Katie Did to match with the corset. Corset style lacing frequently features on the back, not only for a more custom fit but also to create a gorgeous design feature. The metal fastenings are at the front of the garment for easy access. Our corsets are specially made to order, and so may take a little longer to arrive to you.