Satin Corsets

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Satin corsets fit around the torso to create an attractive slimmed silhouette. Being crafted from satin, these corsets are luxuriously soft to the touch and create an elegantly smooth look under outer garments. As they are intended to cinch the waist, they typically feature structural boning which creates a more rigid shape to the corset. There will also be metal fastenings, usually at the front for easy access. Some also have corset style lacing, typically at the back, to give them a more custom fit. Satin corsets hold particular attachments with the Victorian era, when they were considered to be very fashionable, to create a tiny waistline and an accentuated bust shape. We now know that it was not healthy to have so much restriction on the body, and wear our corsets with a much safer level of tightness. See the gorgeous What Katie Did brand here at Mio Destino to discover classic retro style satin corsets, in white and black colours as well as pink, red and blue for versatile looks. You can also find glamorous matching retro accessories to make a complete ensemble. Vollers also create stunning satin corsets, in plain or patterned fabrics, but each with its own delectable character. You will find sumptuous lacing, ruffled contrast edging and playful skirted bottoms. So take a look at the whole range to find your favourite. Most of our satin corsets are specially made to order and so they may take a little while longer to arrive to you.