PVC Corsets

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PVC corsets are designed to cover the torso and provide a slimming effect to the female figure. They are particularly associated with eroticism and are seen as an integral part of the fetishist bondage look. PVC corsets may be underbust or overbust style. If it is underbust, you may wish to wear a coordinating bra with the corset as it will not cover the bust. Mio Destino stocks both styles of corsets for you to choose between, from the gorgeous vintage retro brand What Katie Did. There are also matching accessories to help you craft your ideal look. The PVC material is polyvinyl chlorine, which is a synthetic fabric which has a shiny leather look effect. Corsets and their development in fashion can be dated back to the Victorian era, when women would wear them to make their waists extra slim and accentuate their bust, however PVC corsets have ventured far from this traditional look, and are more appropriately associated with a Gothic style, particularly as they are typically black in colour. However they do often keep some of the traditionally Victorian characteristics, such as corset style lacing at the back or front, not only for a more custom fit, but to create a gorgeous design feature. They also typically include structural boning concealed within the fabric which creates a rigid shape to the corset and ergo shapes the woman’s silhouette. Most of the PVC corsets are made to order, and so will take a little while longer to reach you.