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Corsets are designed to create attractive shaping to the woman’s torso for a slim silhouette. This is typically achieved with the aid of structural boning and adjustable corset style lacing. They can have a number of different shapes and styles; some that cover the bust and some that do not. Mio Destino prides itself in offering such a vast range of materials in our corsets for you to choose from, as well as different styles for different occasions. Find your sophisticated look with our own brand Mio Luxe, exclusive to Mio Destino. You will find glamorous corsets in vivid shades, detailed with opulent gems. To inject vintage beauty into your wardrobe, see brand What Katie Did to find a vast range of retro corsets. We also love the radiant boudoir look that can be created with the sexier corset options. We offer brands such as Provocative or Passion featuring playful ruffles, vibrant contrasting lace and sexy sheer panels. The term corset is derived from the French word corps, which translates to ‘body’, which is apt considering the positioning of the corset and its traditional intention. Corsetry is heavily associated with the Victorian era. They were of particularly high fashion at this time, and many women wore them to make their waists very tiny, and to push their busts upwards. We are of course now aware of the health side effects of tightening the waist like this, and we wear our corsets in a much safer manner. Many of our corsets are made to order, and this does add a little more time into the process of them reaching you.