Bridal Corsets

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Bridal corsets are gorgeous items to wear for your wedding day and here at Mio Destino, we know the importance of looking your best for your special day, so stock some absolutely stunning options to give you the shape and look you desire. Bridal corsets pull in the waistline to create a flattering slimming shape with the aid of structural boning concealed in the fabric of the corset for more rigid shaping. Metal fastenings are typically front facing for easy access. If the bridal corset is underbust, you may wish to wear it with a coordinating bra to provide coverage and support for the breasts. Overbust corsets, which cover the breasts, can be a useful item to wear with a wedding dress, as they can offer the low rising neckline as well as the slimming shaping that may be required with your wedding dress style, ensuring that the corset is fully covered, such as Voller’s simplistic but elegant satin corset with a low rising horizontal top. Or, see Mio Destino’s own exclusive Mio Luxe brand for deluxe satin bridal corsets with opulent gem detail. The design is so beautiful it could be worn with just a corset skirt and shoes to make an enchanting wedding day ensemble. Mio Destino also stocks bridal corsets to create a sexy bedroom look. See brand Passion’s bridal set for a mesmerizing boudoir look. All our bridal corsets are in a white shade which keeps in line with the traditional wedding colour. Many of our corsets are made specially to order, and so they may take a little while longer in reaching you.