Thongs are a form of pant that have a small, vertical back panel of fabric which sits neatly between the derriere. Thongs are also a useful garment to a women, as they fabulous versatility to wear with tight fitted clothing. You can wear your tight fitted trousers and dresses with confidence, knowing your thong is not showing a VPL (visible panty line), as the back panel is mostly concealed by the derriere. Curvy Kate offer some stunningly flirty and feminine thongs to choose from, ranging from size 8-22. Or treat yourself to a luxury Lise Charmel thong, adorned with embroidery and lace in stunning designs for an ultimately glamorous look. You will also always find a coordinating bra to match. Due to the lack of coverage offered by thongs, they are often considered to be a sexy option. Here at Mio Destino we have a range of provocative adult thongs to choose from. Our own brand, Mio Sexy is exclusive to Mio Destino, and so the gorgeous thongs you see in this range cannot be found anywhere else. The thong is considered to be one of the first items of clothing worn my humans, in the form of a loincloth. The thong from the earlier eras of human existence is especially associated with African tribes. Furthermore, although today the thong is used primarily by women, this was not always the case. They used to be especially popular in these tribes for men to wear themselves, to provide them with coverage and protection. Of course, nowadays they have developed so much, and offer gorgeously soft fabrics and a variety of styles.