Tangas feature a thin back panel which sits between the derriere. This type of pant can look like a full brief from the front, as the front panel can offer total coverage, however at the back, the sides will meet a small triangular top section, which becomes thinner as it traces down the derriere. They are valued by women as they are so versatile to wear with different types of clothing. As the tangas back panel is concealed, it does not have a VPL (visible panty line), which makes it a great choice to wear with tight fitted clothing, where the edges of a normal brief would be exposed. Mio Destino knows the value of feeling luxurious of glamorous, and offers you gorgeous Lise Charmel tangas; these decadent lingerie pieces are made from the highest quality fabrics, and adorned in opulent detailing for a stunning look. You can also find coordinating bra options to make a complete set and feel ultimately special. Tangas are also heavily associated with provocative wear. As they are more revealing than many of styles of brief, they are given a tantalizing edge, and so many women choose them as an option for their sexy bedroom look. Find captivating options here at Mio Destino, such as brand Passion, where you will find seductive and daring designs. Mio Destino loves to offer lingerie options for a range of occasions. So, also see Chantelle Paris, to create a bridal boudoir look in gorgeous white lace tanga, with coordinating options available to make a full bridal ensemble.