G strings are a type of pant that feature a sexy string derriere. Typically they have a front panel and the sides may also consist of just strings; these reach round the hips to meet the string at the back, which sits between the derriere. Often the strings are elasticated for a more custom and comfortable fit that allows for easier movement. As G strings are so revealing, and have a rather tantalizing nature, they are often associated with provocative bedroom wear. At Mio Destino, we offer a seductive range of adult lingerie. See brands such as Passion or Shirley of Hollywood for an array of sexy G string options, which also come in sumptuous full sets with added playful accessories to help you create a complete look. On the other hand, G strings are also a very useful item to women as they do not have a VPL (visibly panty line) that can be seen under clothing, as the back string is concealed by the derriere. They are therefore a great option to wear under most types of garments, such as tight fitted trousers, skirts or dresses. Discover Mio Destino’s impressive G string collection with something to suit every occasion. We love our own brand Mio Classic, which features gorgeously feminine G strings in various designs and colours. Or, for a wonderfully decadent look, see Lise Charmel’s G string range, adorned in luxurious embroidery and fabulous detailing. You will find coordinating bra options to suit the G string your find at Mio Destino, to help you find a complete set.