French Knickers

French knickers are floaty and elegant to create a gorgeous sophisticated look. They feature loose ‘open leg’ sides that are not elasticated as many other brief options are. Typically they are waist high in height and provide full coverage to the derriere. They were very popular in the 1940s and 50s, however, nowadays French knickers are back in fashion, and are considered a luxurious and desirable item to wear. You will love the soft fabrics used on Mio Destino’s delectable French Knickers. We think they are a beautiful option to wear, and have a range of colours and patterns for you to choose from. See the flirty ruffles on Playful Promises gorgeous range in sumptuous satin. Or, embrace a more vintage look, and try retro brand What Katie Did for mesmerizing high waist, flowing French Knickers. The term French knickers is not actually used by the French as one may assume. It is actually most commonly used in the United Kingdom and in Australia to describe this type of undergarment. In the United States a more common name for the French knickers is top pants. The style can be traced back to the Victorian era, as they are comparable to ‘drawers’ which featured loose, long legs. It has been surmised that the French knickers may have also got their name from the Parisian can-can dancers of the 19 and 20th centuries, perhaps inspired by the playful ruffles at the sides of their garments, which were the epitome of their style.