Boy Shorts

Boy shorts reach down the thigh to fully cover the derriere and a small part of the upper thigh. Boy shorts are also elasticated to provide a close fit. Although the name boy shorts may suggest otherwise, they are actually designed for womenswear. However the term is applicable as they are in a similar shape and style to the boxer briefs that men use as underwear. Some even recreate the look of a man’s shorts; these can even have the fly area found on men’s shorts. However, in this style, they will still be able to be deferential from the men’s boxer shorts as they will be fitted to a woman’s figure and have a lower cut. Boy shorts are most commonly made from soft stretch cotton, just as men’s boxer shorts are. However they are not limited to this, and also come in, for example, feminine lace. Boy shorts are versatile in terms of what they could be worn under. As they provide compete coverage, the edge of the short end under the derriere, which prevents a VPL (visibly panty line) being shown with tighter fitted clothing. As boy shorts do not have an elasticated edging at the groin and they offer moderate coverage, they are often considered a comfier option than some other briefs, especially if they are made from a particularly soft fabric such a cotton. For these reasons, some women may even find them a great choice to wear as sleepwear or loungewear, to provide a cool and comfortable solution.