T-Shirt Bras

T shirt bras are designed to create a smooth look under clothing. They are renowned for having a seamless finish, so the sides will not feature bulky stitching, and there are no textured finishes or decorations which would be visible, even under tight fitted clothing or soft fabrics such as silks that display any textures they may fall upon. T shirt bras also commonly avoid bulky fastenings or large strap adjusters, as raised surfaces can be seen under outer garments; any of these necessary features such as a hook and eye fastening will be made as smooth and flat as possible. T-shirt bras are typically lightly padded so the nipple is concealed, which to some women is vital, especially if the clothing is quite tight fitted. Padding also helps to create a flattering rounded shape under clothing. If the t shirt bra has an underwire, it will be as concealed as possible within the lining of the bra, often with contoured padding that cushions the surface of the underwire for a smoother finish. As the t shirt bras are intended to be worn at any time of the day, they need to be supportive and comfortable. You can find a variety of t shirt bras to choose from at Mio Destino. Affinitas and Lepel are two gorgeous brands that both offer lovely t shirt bra options perfect for everyday use for a smooth look under your garments. Chantelle t shirt bras have lovely lacing on the edges that lie shallow enough to be hidden under t shirts, but make a lovely feminine addition to the range.