Soft Bras

Soft bras typically do not feature any underwires. Instead they simply consist of an elasticated underband attached to soft, triangular cups. They are a comfortable and elegant option for a woman to wear. They can offer additional, supportive features, such as a criss cross frame, a larger underband or even an inner under cup sling. Some soft bras also have the addition of a soft padding or lining to mould the cups to the breast shape. They tend to be considered more appropriate for the moderate side bust, however Mio Destino’s collection is extensive, and we offer Hanro’s classic coloured soft bras, with wide straps and elasticated cups, and these extra features allow them to offer support for up to an E size cup. Soft bras have roots dating back to the early 20th century. Mary Phelps-Jacobs created the first ‘brassieres’ in 1914, which consisted of just two handkerchiefs sewn together at the edges, ribbon straps and simple back closure. Today’s soft bra is the closest example of this out of the numerous bra types that have been invented. The soft bras popularity and appreciation developed in 1964, when Rudi Gernreich introduced the ‘No-Bra Bra’, which was so simplistic with just an elasticated band, triangle cups and thin straps, just as the most simple soft bras are today. Its intention was to celebrate the natural shape of the smaller busted woman without the need of any enhancements or wires. At the time, they were extremely popular and a best seller.