Shelf Bras

Shelf bras feature shallow cups that create a more horizontal neckline than most other bra types. They come in a variety of different types. Firstly, the provocative shelf bra which feature extremely shallow cups that do not rise high enough to cover the nipples. These are also referred to as cupless, open cup or quarter cup bras. These bras just cover the lower part of the bust and push the breasts upwards to enhance the cleavage. On the other hand, the built in shaping with elasticated underband found in some vest tops or tankinis is also referred to as a shelf bra. These sometimes include padding to conceal the nipples and create a more rounded shape. A shelf bra can also refer to a partial-cup style bra that covers approximately half to three quarters of the breast and provides an uplifting boost for an enhanced cleavage. The horizontal neckline of these bras is created with a high rising central triangular gore. They are particularly useful to wear under low cut clothing, as they create a more open neckline so the bra will be easier to conceal under the clothing. They also tend to have wide set straps, which can also be successfully concealed under wide neck clothing. Shelf bras are more suited to the modest bust size, as they do not offer the support needed for fuller busted ladies as the cups do not rise high enough to provide support at the bottom as well as the top of the bust.