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Push Up Bras

Push up bras help to create a desirable cleavage shape. They feature padding in the cups to give your bust an uplifted boost. This is often in the form of a crescent shaped cushion, which is built neatly into the lining of the bra, or alternatively inserted into a pocket so that it is removable. Mio Destino offers a fantastic choice of push up bras for different occasions. Find everyday uplift with the Affinitas bras to create an attractive look and great shaping at a budget price. On the other hand, for a more opulent look, discover Lise Charmel’s push up bras in a fabulous variety of shades, embroidery and lace detailing. The idea behind the push up bra has origins dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries when an accentuated bust became a desirable fashion statement and corsets were made with padding in the bust to uplift the cleavage. From then on, women would also stuff their bodices to create that enhanced push up cleavage. These became known as ‘falsies’. The first push up bra was then invented during World War II by Frederick Mellinger, who was encouraged by the army men to create a sexier bra with a flattering cleavage. In 1948 Frederick introduced the first push up bra and named it the ‘rising star’. It has gone on to be acknowledged as an important invention and a number of different materials are now used to produce the push up effect, such as silicone, water, air or foam.