Plunge Bras

Plunge bras create a deep V shape neckline and a lower cleavage than most other bra options as they push the bust together instead of upwards. They feature attractive cup shaping with triangular tops that meet the straps at a high rising apex. They also have a smaller central gore, some featuring just a simple line of fabric to attach the cups together, as opposed to the triangular gore of other bra types. Ergo, the underwire does not rise high between the cups, and this allows the breasts to sit closely together and achieve a low cleavage shape. Plunge bras have also been known to be referred to as U plunge bras, when the shaping creates a more scooped ‘u’ shape. They are particularly useful to wear under garments that mirror their plunging neckline, such as low V shaped tops, dresses and shirts, where a lower cleavage would be more desirable and modest and the angled, deep cut cups will be concealed under the neckline of the clothes. Mio Destino stocks a beautiful collection of plunge bras, such as our feminine Lepel range, with elegant lacing and shaping. We also offer innovative plunge bra solution; see Gossard’s range to find non wired plunge bras that use clever supportive shaping in the sides and underbust. For you fuller busted ladies, love the Curvy Kate plunge bras that offer D-K cup sizing and fabulous, vibrant designs. Any padding in the Curvy Kate range will be light, so as not to bring any extra size to the bust.