Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy bras are fantastic solutions for women who have suffered breast surgery. They can be used post breast removal surgery, either when waiting for surgical reconstruction, or as a permanent solution for women who opt out of this option. Mastectomy bras have pockets in the cup area for prosthetic shaping to be inserted, which must be purchased separately. This creates symmetrical shaping for the woman to feel confident and secure with her looks. The material is often quite stretchy to accommodate for different shaping of the prosthetic. Not only this, but they provide a safe and comfortable option to wear post-surgery, as they are made from soft materials which are tender on the breasts, so as not to damage any breast tissue. Mio Destino understands the importance of feeling sexy and secure, and offers wonderful mastectomy bras in vivid shades and beautifully soft fabrics. See the Di Murini brand bras to find lovely vibrant options with feminine lace and bow detailing. The mastectomy bra first emerged as a medical divide in the 1900s, and were very plain and did not offer the same level of shaping and elegance that they do today. They have now developed to be more attractive and use better fabrics, to not only improve their comfort and effectiveness, but also to provide women with the feminine confidence they deserve. Encouraged by survivors of breast cancer, the mastectomy bra industry has flourished, and now mastectomy bras are fashionable as well as functional and an extremely important creation in the lingerie industry.