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  1. Berlei
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  1. Berlei
  2. Gorsenia
  3. Gossard
  4. Parfait by Affinitas
  5. Parfait By Affinitas
  6. Susa
  7. What Katie Did
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Longline Bras

Longline bras have an extended underbust band which creates a gorgeous design feature. They can vary in length, sometimes just reaching to the bottom of the ribcage, but can also extend down to the hips. The cups can create an attractive uplifted shape for the bust; the body helps to push them upwards for a boosted cleavage and a fuller look. Longline bras can simply be worn as a fashion statement, creating a lovely look that is a little different to other bra types. However, there are also a number of positives that they can offer, especially those that are longer in the body. They can create an attractive smoothing effect to the torso, especially those that are longer in length. This makes them great options to wear under tight fitted clothing, to create a smooth base and allow the clothing to drape elegantly over the body. This is particularly useful for evening wear, that is often made from luxurious fabrics such as satin or silk that displays any lumps or textures it may fall upon. It has been noted that longline bras are also useful for encouraging good posture. They offer support for the back area with their extended band, which helps to straighten out the back. If they have structural boning, as many longline bras do, this also helps to make a good posture, as they restrict the body from slouching too far forwards. Mio Destino stocks a range of longline bras, with different lengths to choose from depending upon your preferences.