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Girls' Bras

Girls bras mark the transition from childhood to womanhood. They are soft and comfortable as they are intended to be the first bra a girl will use. The development of breasts occurs quicker for some girls than others and can happen any time between the age of eight and sixteen. Once a bra is desired and needed, girls bras are available to provide a safe and comfortable first experience. Her body will still be developing and so the breast tissue will be tender, and the bra must accommodate for this. It is very soft and typically non wired to reduce any irritation and itching that may be caused when the bra is first introduced. The fastening and adjustment of girls bra should be simple and easy, to make it easy to use and understand. They often come with some padding, so that a rounded shape is created.  This also helps to conceal the nipples. Often they will aim to look invisible under clothing, and so will avoid any bulky decoration or defined lines. The girls bra also provides training for when the girl needs to upgrade to a woman’s bra. They can feel uncomfortable for the first few days, when the straps and cups feel new, and may feel agitating and restricting. This is totally normal. Mio Destino offers you soft and gentle bras to provide a safe and smooth experience with this type of lingerie. See our gorgeous silhouette range with lovely, comfortable qualities, and some subtle feminine detailing.