Demi Cup Bras

Demi Cup bras have partial sized cups, which rise just above the nipple, covering approximately half to three quarters of the bust. The cups also tend to be slightly angled to tilt the breasts inwards and slightly upwards. This makes them a great choice to create flattering cleavage and a low rising neckline. The straps are set widely apart, joining the demi cups at the far sides. This gives them further suitability to wear with low cut clothing; the demi cup bra is less likely to be revealed as is it shaped to leave most of the neckline bare and the cleavage uncovered at the top. For this reason it is often associated with evening wear, as it is a suitable option to wear with evening dresses, which often feature a low cut neckline. However they are of course not limited to this use; they are also popular options for daytime wear, as they can offer support at the bottom of the bust, especially those with a three quarter cup size. Demi cup bras can contain padding and underwire, however the wires will have to be shorter than those in some other bra styles as the cups do not rise as high at the sides to accommodate for a large underwire. You can find a selection of demi cup bras at Mio Destino in different patterns and colures. See the French Lise Charmel range to find exquisite bras adorned in hand sewn embroidery, using only the finest materials and detailing for an opulent look.