Bullet Bras

Bullet Bras have pointed, cone like shaped cups reminiscent of the retro pin up style of the 1940s and 50s. They often feature circular stitching outlining the pointed nipple area for an even more exaggerated cone shape. Bullet bras were worn by pin up ‘sweater girls’ who wore tight fitted clothing which displayed the shape of the curved, cone like structure of the bullet bra. At the time, they were considered a sexy and fashionable statement and also allowed women to add a cup size to their bust. In the 1950s the bullet bra was being worn by famous actresses of the time such as Marilyn Monroe and Patti Page, giving them Hollywood glamour which will have contributed to the bras success and popularity. Bullet bras were bought back into our wardrobes by the vintage lingerie brand What Katie Did. Find a fantastic collection of this brands padded or unpadded bullet bras. Padding can also be purchased separately to give you more options. They are available in beautiful colours and designs, and you will love the feel of the gorgeous satin fabrics. Furthermore, Mio Destino stocks retro accessories to help complete the full ensemble, such as stockings and suspender belts. Bullet bras are back in fashion and women are adoring the pointed cone shape once more. They are even being worn by our modern day idols such as Katy Perry and Madonna, so find your own vintage retro style and take a look at What Katie Did collection today at Mio Destino.