Balcony Bras

Balcony bras typically feature cups which rise half way or three quarters of the way up the bust, whilst ensuring that the cups do still cover the nipples. The neckline of these is rather horizontal, hence the name balcony bra, as the shape is relatable to that of a building’s balcony. They are flattering to wear, as they create a rounded uplifted cleavage, especially with enhancements such as padding or underwire, and create a desirable cleavage whilst also keeping the bust exposed. This makes them a popular choice to wear under moderately low rising tops and dresses, as they will remain hidden whilst creating great shape. The straps are also wide set, meaning, again, that the bra can be concealed under a wider neckline. You will find an array of balcony bras at Mio Destino, suitable for different occasions. Lepel offer beautifully feminine, lace balcony bras in a range of enticing colours. Or see Curvy Kate’s range to find supportive D-K cup balcony bras in a vast choice of fabulous designs and colours. Balcony bras made it into mainstream fashion in the United States in the 1950s. Marilyn Monroe had modelled a balcony bra in 1949, and this is a very likely reason for its increased popularity around this time. In the 50s era, it was considered a sexy option, as it revealed a larger portion of the top of the bust. However, nowadays balcony bras tend to cover more of the breast and are considered appropriate for everyday wear.