Before you put gold on your finger, why not put it on your face?

Wedding Day Prep

They did it with radios, next phones and then cars. How do those clever Japanese do it? We develop the idea and they just make it better! We use anti-wrinkle creme, so what do they do? Incredible as this may seem a facial treatment made up of 24-carat gold has been developed by Uno, Inc., Japanese beauty and skin care products company.

The cost you ask? The going rate for a bit of glittery metallic spa luxury is £125 ($250 US), plus, of course, travel to Japan. When contemplating your wedding budget, you might be thinking this is highly extravagant but just remember 20 years down the road, when she's complaining about the hoovering and washing up, you'll always be able to play the "I-treated-you-to-the-Japaness-Gold-Facial" card. Not a bad one to have in the back pocket. And what a bonus if it actually works on the wrinkles!

Just ensure that after the gold is removed from her face, it goes straight into her purse!

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