6 Reasons to Wear The Skimpiest Sexy Lingerie You Can Find (hello boys!)

Lise Charmel Floraison Corail Glam Corail Lightly Padded Bra

Ladies there are so many reasons to wear the sexiest, skimpiest lingerie you can get our hands on but we thought we’d help you out by giving you 10 totally legitimate excuses to indulge in some itsy bitsy teeny tiny fantasy lingerie purchases today.

Fellas we thought we’d give you some well-researched tools of persuasion to get the woman in your life into some scandalously small smalls. Just send this blog link to your ladylove then pick out something pretty to persuade her of your argument.

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 1. You’ll look younger

Natasha Turner, bestselling author of The Hormone Diet says being too warm while you sleep slows the production of melatonin and growth hormone, which regenerates skin and hair. So slip into something minute and sexy to cool down and look youthful.

Lise Charmel Floraison Corail Glam Corail Lightly Padded Bra

2.Your arguments will be shorter

As Ryan Frederick of blog Fierce Marriage says, ““fight naked”! The idea is that it’s really hard to fight angrily when you’re both in your birthday suits!”.  So spend more time in skimpy lingerie as a preventative measure then if a fight arises, there’s less to take off in a hurry.

Provocative Deep Secrets Black Open Body

3. You’re skin will be healthier

Skin needs to breath; take those clothes off to stop the skin reabsorbing toxins it’s already expelled in your sweat. You’re skin will thank you for it.

Maison Close Nuit Blanche Black Triangle Bra


4. It’s Hygienic

Warm, sweaty fabric is the perfect breading ground of nasty bacteria and fungi. The less fabric there is to the lingerie, the better. Barely there lingerie is clearly the cleaner, more hygienic choice!

Ambra Secret Feelings Blue and Fuschia Lace Push Up Bra


5. You’ll be more confident

Studies carried out by the University of Iowa found that nudists have significantly higher body self-acceptance. It follows that wearing increasingly skimpy lingerie more of the time will improve your body confidence.

Maison Close Doux Vertige Grey and Pink Open Shorty


6. You’ll be seen as more capable of experiencing pleasure

Research by leading psychologists Grey et al at the American Psychological Association found that a photograph of a body as opposed to a face images were “not seen as mindless objects but, instead, as experiencers: someone more capable of pain, pleasure, desire, sensation, and emotion”. Definitely a bonus in the bedroom.

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