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  • Are you in size denial?

    Bra fit 1It is estimated that over 80% of woman are still wearing the wrong bra size.

    Finding the right bra size and shape can really make a big difference to your silhouette and of course, your confidence!

    According to a recent survey by Bluebella many women in the UK are deliberately buying lingerie and clothes that are too small for them, as an incentive to slim. The female shoppers admitted to buying items a size smaller than their usual size.

    The main reason behind size denial seems to be the uncertainty about the real size of an item of clothing or lingerie. There are variations in standard sizes from brand to brand which can make sizing a bit confusing sometimes.

    At Mio Destino we are always here to help and to make sure the size you are purchasing is the correct one. To give you a helping hand we have created a series of guides on lingerie sizing which can be found on our help pages.

    There are even some helpful videos that can be found on our Mio Destino Youtube channel.

    In the end remember that size is just a number and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

    Have a read of our 'Is your bra a good fit' page as well, you might find out that it's not.

    Once you have found your perfect size the beautiful fitting of your lingerie will boost your confidence and comfort.

    Go on, get your measuring tape and calculator out and discover you true size today.

  • A guide to Shapewear

    Let’s go back to the olden days when woman used to wear corsets so tight that they would damage their organs, crush ribs and faint numerous times a day, just to look good in their massive frocks.

    Luckily for us ladies in the 21st century we have managed to step away from the iron and whalebone corsets and there is something called shapewear.

    For those who aren't quite sure what shapewear is, it is an undergarment which is designed to alter the shape of your body to create a smooth look for a certain period of time.

    Body Wrap Shapewear Ivory The Catwalk High-Waist Long Leg Panty
















    Wearing shapewear seems to have become somewhat of a trend nowadays especially in Hollywood. You can spot a glimpse of thigh slimmers and control slips, left, right and centre. How else do you think the red carpet tredders look so amazing in their tight dresses?

    Even though popularity has risen, in the UK we are still a bit hesitant when it comes to shapewear. According to research by Mintel (April 2013), shapewear garments are mainly worn by women who are 55+ and only 1 in 8 women has ever bought shapewear for themselves. Further research found that three fifths of women state that advice on the best underwear to improve your shape, such as shapewear, would encourage them to buy more.

    Here at Mio Destino we want to set some myths straight and convince you that shapewear can be sexy, covers your problem areas and adds an extra layer of confidence.

    Let’s get one thing smoothed over first, shapewear is not a substitute for the gym or dieting. These undergarments will not make you lose weight. However they will make your figure look smoother and can create that desired hourglass shape most women are after.

    We won’t lie, it’s not going to be an easy ride getting shapewear on. But when you think about it, that makes perfect sense because you’re trying to hide unwanted lumps and bumps so you need a bit of force to smooth them out. Plus most women have not been told how to put on shapewear correctly and therefore end up missing out on the benefits of these great garments.

    Here are some of our tips which will help you with your new shapewear.

    The first tip we want to give you is, always step into shapewear and pull it up over the hips to avoid trapping your head and arms. Another good tip is to bunch up the shapewear, just like you do with tights or leggings, and putting it on whilst gradually releasing the tight fabric. Most shapewear garments come with instructions, these are there for a reason and we advise you to follow them.

    When it comes to sizing you don’t want to go for a bigger size because you think it might be more comfortable. If you wear shapewear that is too big a fit it will move around your body, wrinkle or twist. Plus it won’t provide the right level of support that you are looking for.

    Buying shapewear that is a smaller size than you usually wear will not provide you with more support either. It will just not fit and feel very uncomfortable. Shapewear that is too tight will most likely cut of your circulation, pinch your skin and create bulges (which you are trying to get rid of).

    So instead of going for a smaller size go for your correct size with firmer support. Support at Mio Destino ranges from light control to extra control and there are a range of brands available such as Spanx, Miraclesuit and Naomi & Nicole.

    Going with the least coverage as possible is the key to comfort, when it comes to shapewear. Take a good look at each body part, even if it’s not a factor that made you decide to buy the shapewear in the first place, determine if it should be included in the shapewear or not. For example if you want a slimmer waist you really don’t need to buy a full bodysuit, this will probably make you feel uncomfortable and you won’t be happy with the result as you’re not correcting your problem area.

    Take a look at our Help Guide page to see which shapewear garments you should be wearing with your body hangups.

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