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  • French Lingerie Know How from Barbara



    Passion, Romance, Chic by Barbara.

    Barbara is a French lingerie brand known for its commitment to sensual style, fabric innovation and quality craftsmanship. Established in 1926 the brand has grown in its mission to make women look fantastic, enchanting lingerie lovers the world over with their iconic catchphrase ‘Barbara C’est Moi’. Shop now to feel like the best version of you.
    French Passion
    No one does passion like the French; they ooze it from every pore, their language is made for speaking it and their lingerie is made for celebrating it. These indulgent bras, briefs and nightdresses are exquisitely made from smooth lace and sheer chiffons cut in devastatingly seductive shapes. Indulge now.

    French Romance
    Barbara are innovators of the best lingerie fabrics. The first lingerie maker to ever use stretch lace - this bastion of French lingerie does not disappoint today with this confection of soft feminine styles in romantic colours and floral motifs. Love yourself; shop for your Barbara, treat now.


    French Chic
    It’s no secret that French women are envied for that nonchalant je ne sais quoi that gives them an air of chic. Want to know their secret? It starts with great everyday lingerie like these sleek pieces from Barbara sure to give you fantastic shape and serene confidence. Choose your luxurious necessities now.

    Indulge in luxury French lingerie today.

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