Vain as a Peacock? Mio Swim Peacock Swimwear Collection gives you reason to be vain this summer

Mio Swim Emerald Peacock Black and Green Bikini Halterneck Print Trim Top

Sometimes a little vanity is justifiable, right? Look at the peacock for instance, of all the birds in the animal kingdom we’d say the peacock has good reason to strut proudly with feathers that have caught the attention of us humans for thousands of years. As the king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld says,

“Vanity is the healthiest thing in life”

- Karl Lagerfeld

 Well Mr. Lagerfeld we would say when it comes to the Mio Swim Emerald Peacock collection we’d have to agree. Mio Swim Emerald Peacock swimwear collection is one of six new swimwear collections from Mio Destino’s NEW own brand swimwear portfolio Mio Swim. This collection is so beautifully made, elegantly designed and eye-catchingly perfect that it quite simply has to be the healthiest dose of vanity around this summer holiday season.

 More About Mio Swim Emerald Peacock Collection

The Mio Swim Emerald Peacock swimwear collection ticks all the boxes when it comes to luxury swimwear with a variety of styles available to suit all body shapes from string and halter bikini’s to a fabulous one piece swimsuit and ultra sexy tankini. Photographic style peacock feather print captures all the vibrancy of the emerald green, sapphire blue and turquoise peacock feathers. This rich print is combined with slimming, black panels and luxurious paisley style gold trims creating a chic contrast. This fashionable swimwear collection is sure to draw admiration as you stroll down the beach with its air of effortless sophistication and glamour. SIGN UP to our newsletter now and get 10% off your first order* simply enter your email in the box on the right of the screen, easy.

Mio Swim Emerald Peacock Black and Green Bikini Halterneck Top Mio Swim Emerald Peacock Green and Black Trikini Mio Swim Emerald Peacock Black and Green Bikini Twisted Bandeau Top Mio Swim Emerald Peacock Green and Black Swimsuit

5 Reasons a Peacock has a right to Vanity

  1. A peacock can eat poisonous snakes without being harmed, score!
  2. They replace their feathers every year, now that’s wardrobe maintenance.
  3. The ‘Peacock’ is the colourful male bird of the species that uses his fancy feathers to attract a mate. Men take note: grooming matters.
  4.  A group of peacocks is called a ‘party’, so you know when they get together they’re always having a good time.
  5. Peacocks symbolize immortality, as ancients believed their body did not decay when they died. Quite the lofty association we’d say.

Mio Swim Emerald Peacock

Indulge in a little justifiable vanity today and pick your favourite piece from the Mio Swim Emerald Peacock collection.

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